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Our tasting room is located in the historic Paso Robles train depot at 8th and Pine streets. In the late 1800s, with the rapid development of major commercial centers in San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles, stagecoaches and overland mail companies were being quickly replaced by the rail. Construction began on the Paso Robles station in December 1886, just two months after the arrival of the first train to Paso Robles. A boxcar was used for a temporary station until January 1887, when the depot was completed. In 1980, the city opened the current, more modern train station next door to the site of the original. The original station lay vacant for some period, until it was converted to retail use, retaining the original floors and windows, and rebuilding the interior to retain the original look and feel. Anglim Winery opened our tasting room at the location in May 2005.


Tasting Hours:

Thursday - Monday: 11am to 6pm

... and by appointment and chance